Guincho and More

South side view  Plenty of kitesurfers and windsurfers (summer 2009) : Guincho, portugal, Praia, See Off-the-lip : Guincho, Kitesurf, portugal, Praia, See Flat water : Guincho, Kitesurf, portugal, Praia, See Silver reflections : Guincho, Kitesurf, portugal, Praia, See
Ripples  Guincho Beach, Portugal : Guincho, portugal, Praia, See Pano : Guincho, Panorama, portugal, Praia, See Windsurfers corner : Guincho, portugal, Praia, Windsurf Cliffs : Guincho, portugal, Praia, See
Guincho 9 : Guincho, portugal, Praia, See Infinity Surfer's heaven Sunset
Carrapateira  August 2011, near Carrapateira Beach, some 200 km south of Lisbon... Hanging out  ... 2 kitesurfers were out in the waves Carrapateira Over the crest
Little flight Round and round Carrapateira Carrapateira
Zavial  Summmer 2012, perfect tubes at Praia do Zavial (Algarve, near Sagres) Tubes Surfer boy Body surfer...
getting into... ...the spray! Taking off  Guincho, summer 2013 - a day with great wind Bottom turn and... the lip More air time Seagul Sea of sand
Little chat Chillout